SAS Affiliate Review And Bonus | Rank, Sell, Profit With Training By Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori

This SAS Affiliate Review and Bonus video is about the SAS affiliate program created by Jason Caluori and Barry Plaskow. Go to to buy now or to learn more.

The review will take a deep-dive into the affiliate course itself plus discuss how you can use a free page builder program called GroovePages to help you build your affiliate sites quickly.

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What is SAS Affiliate?

SAS Affiliate is a 7 module affiliate training course that teaches you the step-by-step process of finding affiliate offers, choosing the best keywords to promote it, building a highly SEO’d (Search Engine Optimized) website to sell it, and how to put it all together as quickly and easily as possible so that you can be in front of the competition AND stay ranked on Google for years to come.

The Course outline is highlighted below:

Introduction to the Course
1. Introduction
2. Picking Products
3. Pick Keywords
4. Writing Content
5. Site Building
6. Build Links
7. Next Steps
Live Training Recordings
BONUS: Ecom Email Empire Series with Mike Long and Jason Caluori
BONUS: OMGMachines Webinar With Jason Caluori, 1st Million Dollar Gold Affiliate
BONUS: Interview with Zach Benson, Instagram Growth Expert

As you can see from above, there is an additional “pre-game” section which prepares you for the upcoming training, and then extra modules consisting of pre-built templates that you can use for your sites, weekly live training recordings, and a series of bonus videos discussing various ways you can extend your affiliate business.

The live training recordings are added to every week and are invaluable for continuing your affiliate marketing career.

But it’s not just affiliate marketing that is discussed. There is also local business and e-commerce as well. There is no end to the ways in which this training can help you make money online.

Barry and Jason have pulled out all the stops and Jason’s teaching style is very easy to follow. Nothing is too hard and within as little as a few days you can have a live site up and running and selling affiliate products.

I mentioned in the video that you can get a bonus by joining with me. To see what that is, go to:

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