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Gerry Abell and I have some incredible things to share with you. Jason Caluori and Barry Paskow’s traffic training is awesome! I joined S.A.S. affiliate in June of 2020.

S.A.S. affiliate is a traffic training course that will show you how to exploit the incredible built-in power of Groovepages by enhancing it with additional S.E.O. strategies that Google just LOVES. It’s hard-wired into the software and based on the recommendations of Greg Morrison, the master of everything S.E.O.

When S.A.S Affiliate and Groovepages are used in combination, the result is an explosion of free traffic that increases your rankings exponentially, and at the same time empowering you to drive highly targeted buyer traffic straight to your offers, and at the moment when the buyers are about to buy.

All of this is presented in an easy to follow, over-the-shoulder approach.

SAS Affiliate is the brainchild of Barry Plaskow, a well-known entrepreneur, guerilla marketer for the past twelve years, and creator of some of the most innovative solutions for online marketers on the Web.

The material is taught by Jason Caluori, a search engine optimization expert, famed for his page ranking strategies, and the vast revenue he generates. In May 2020 he made over $1.3 million in that month alone.

Jason’s detailed instructions & training style that you will see in the member’s area, along with his easy to follow, well thought out clearly explained approach, leaves nothing hidden including full disclosure of the methods he uses himself to incredible success.

All is covered in great depth. Every single aspect required for YOU to succeed in driving traffic to your offers is provided for you. If you’re like me, you might be nervous about recording yourself on video or making voice recordings. There is no need to be concerned, as a solution to that problem is given.

Also, there are Groovepage templates to make the process as easy as possible that are provided. These are a great asset and created by Jason, for those who might otherwise be intimidated at the prospect of learning an innovative new page building platform.

It’s all very, very easy and straight-forward. With the Groovepages platform, there’s never been a time like this to make online success INEVITABLE!

Nothing is left to chance. All of Jason’s techniques are revealed. Plus, bonus webinars with experts in their particular fields, all quite successful seven and eight-figure earners, well-respected in the online marketing community.

Some of the training has never been shared before. So you get access to exclusive material for being a member. All in all, very valuable resources! In the important Information and Links page, you will find an invitation to join Jason’s inner circle Facebook group.

This Facebook group is like a family, a wonderful and enthusiastic community that supports each other rooting for each other’s success. This group is what allows close contact with Jason. He will answer each member-specific questions, to give you the information you’re looking for and more, and he does it very well.

Also, you should note that you don’t actually need to join the group to follow the training, and be successful, but it is far more beneficial if you do. My initial thoughts were I’m not going to pay for a Facebook group membership, but I found so much value in it. No way am I giving this up.

Rather than go on with my own personal opinion, How about I share an email from Mike Filsaime? as a newsletter to all Groovepages members referring to S.A.S. affiliate and Jason Caluori.

“We think Friday’s training will go down as the most important one we have ever shared with you. Why? Because it will show you how to transform Groovepages into a traffic magnet for all your pages. An unknown underground geek friend of mine, Jason used Groove to do seven figures in sales in under a month. He’s the only person I’ve met that can get pages ranked for great keywords in 30 minutes or less, and I’m delighted he has agreed.”

You won’t find a higher accolade in support of S.A.S. affiliate than that. So my honest advice to you is to come and join us at S.A.S. Affiliate as soon as you can, but if you are skeptical and take nothing else away from this review then please go grab your free Groove account Now!

The link is down below. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain, whether you realize it or not. Right now you are at the forefront of a digital revolution.

Sooner or later, you will have to use Groovepages and the whole suite of apps that Groove Digital provides, just to stay competitive in the online world. I promise you, you will never regret it. Thank you for watching it.

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