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SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM Free Training Webinar Video ➡️

John Crestani has been around for an internet marketer for years. When he first started out he was a professional PPC specialist at an agency. He entered the paid ads affiliate marketing world with Google Ads and then expanded to other paid ads. Before people started wondering if he was an internet guru scam, he was in the trenches scaling affiliate marketing campaigns.

Since his massive success, he’s transitioned into a teacher and mentor role. He started helping people with his first version of Super Affiliate System 1.0 which back then cost $5,000! Eventually, it was lowered to $1,000 for Super Affiliate System 2.0 and Super Affiliate System 3.0.

Recently he switched the name to Super Affiliate System Pro and included a monthly payment plan as a second payment option. Instead of paying $997, you now have the option to pay $397 for 3 months.

Free Training Webinar Video ➡️

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