Does SAS Affiliate Work For Local?

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Local SEO is one of the additional business models taught in SAS Affiliate, on top ogf the core method of affiliate marketing that is the meat of the course.

The great thing is that the SEO knowledge and training you’ll get in SAS Affiliate can be applied to any websire. So when you really think about it, this means you can market your SEO services to local businesses, bring their sites to the front page of Google for pertinent keywords, and increase their exposure and traffic. Once their business starts growing thanks to your work, they’ll be more than happy to pay you a small amount of those new profits as a retainer to keep doing what you’ve done.

That said, SEO Affiliate is, of course, an affiliate marketing course, and my suggestion would be to take it for what it is, and thin about all the bells and whistles a little further down the road, once you’ve got your affiliate business in place.

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