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Barry Plaskow is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Really Successful limited. His motto “no one left behind” shows he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is also the co-founder of Umbrella Micro Enterprises as well as various online projects. The systems taught by this internet genius are one of a kind. He is often referred to as a breath of fresh air when it comes to “online coaches”. Two of his systems Ebus for Ebay, the Underground Secret System and SAS Affiliate system are revolutionizing the online marketing world.

He is a truly professional genius that not only promises but also delivers. And he firmly believes in the importance of giving back. And is constantly inspiring others to give back as well. His incredible insights into online business and the ever changing world of online sales and marketing, have given him international recognition. Although he has no business background of his own; he has still managed to build seven digits online businesses from scratch. He takes a lot of inspiration from the late great Jay Conrad Levison, the father of guerilla marketing and Barry’s mentor; he gives Jay Levison a lot of credit for his own success in achieving his online dream. He strives to enable and encourage others to do the same.
Jay Levison said that when he first met Barry Plaskow he was a struggling entrepreneur. Barely making any money but he was so determined to learn Guerrilla Marketing and applying it to his business, that the results have been nothing short of remarkable. He built a successful company of his own and has helped nearly 20,000 beginners start profitable businesses. Jay urged that we should listen when Barry talks, because he has the strategies and teaching abilities to help us succeed!

Barry Plaskow’s company; Really Successful are always providing new ways to level up and stay relevant in the marketplace. Their step-by-step approach to training helps members overcome all hurdles, and their instructors are people that are in the field, applying these practices in “real time day” in and day out. Really Successful pioneered a program called Ebus where the clients receive advice and support from their team and mentor. Clients of the Ebus program have reported that they started getting sales in as little as one week after opening their stores. The support from the team is said to be unrivalled. The Ebus program was created to provide its members with three main benefits. Make sales without spending money on traffic. Remove the need for marketers to find their own products to sell. And provide a service that generates sales for members including complete newbies.

It is said that Barry Plaskow is the go to person when it comes to webinars and that he makes doing webinars so easy. He says that webinars are the best way to sell your ideas to a large audience. People that have never sold a thing in their lives can jump on a webinar. Express and share their expertise with people that get to know, like and trust them. It is a way to share more information with people and make money from it. Barry Plaskow’s webinar conversion rates are of the highest seen; so it would be fair to say that he has earned the name Webinar Conversion King.

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